Kidney diseases are more diagnosed and growing at a fast rate these days then they were three decades ago. The baby boomer population of America is aging which puts them at a higher risk for kidney disease. There is a lack of effective kidney disease treatments so many people are looking towards alternative treatments for kidney disease.

The kidneys are essential for health. They filter the blood, create urine, eliminate waste, and play a role in the production of red blood cells. Kidney disease reduces the body’s ability to keep electrolytes in proper balance.

Some symptoms people are suffering from with kidney disease are a burning sensation during urination, and urinary Tract Infections. A big reason behind this is a bad lifestyle with a poor diet, improper nutrition and a lack of hydration of the body, which means people are not drinking enough water. The kidneys need water to function properly, not soda or any soft drinks that can make the kidney worse. Just good old fashioned nature made clean water.

Kidney diseases are often ignored and they become so severe that the only option left with the doctors is dialysis. This painful and very expensive treatment becomes a necessity as well as a life saver for anyone with kidney failure. This is a process you want to avoid and you should be looking into alternative treatments for kidney diseases.

However, knowledge of various alternative treatments, especially herbal and nutrition can help the health and functioning of the kidneys.

Kidney cleanse teas are an alternative treatments to help improve kidney function. A proponent of kidney cleanse teas says that the use of cleansing teas does not cure kidney disease. However, these tea flushes are designed to improve kidney disease enough to help delay the need for dialysis or reduce the person’s dialysis frequency.

There are two herbal supplements for kidney disease that are very effective:

Ginseng- There are two varieties of ginseng that can be used, Siberian and Asian. However, the Asian variety is more potent. The kidneys will be able to flush out more toxins from the body.

 Gingko- Another potent herb that will help in the better functioning of the kidneys. It is also great for making sure that the kidneys are working at their optimum level.

These safe natural compounds have a long history as a traditional therapy for kidney conditions. Free Videos on youtube.com will teach you many ways to help your kidney problems. Visit http://www.youtube.com/user/betterkidneyhealth


When people hear about kidney diseases, they often think of dialysis. Most people and the conventional medical establishment believe in most cases kidney disease leads to dialysis. This can’t be further from the truth.

However, throughout history and in the last 30 years of science, natural remedies for healing kidney disease have become very popular in the mainstream public. The reason is that natural remedies that are advised are generally nutritional, lifestyle and herbal. These treatments are easily available at most health food stores and online, cost less and also give long term benefits for the health of the entire system. In kidney diseases, the natural remedies including herbs can be used in order to treat any issues or symptoms.

Mainstream medical doctors will tell their patients to avoid herbs. You should avoid many herbs when one is afflicted with kidney disease. But there have been shown many herbs to benefit the kidneys including rhurbarb, milk thistle and cordceps. These used from a good manufacture and in the proper doses will yield improvement in kidney function.

Michele was a kidney disease patient with very low kidney function. You would say it is at stage 3. She wanted a healing process that was natural to be used with conventional medicine. She begin using supplements for kidney disease and a diet that was a low-fat raw vegan diet. Michele feels that this protocol and proper sleep has helped her avoid kidney failure.

Many people believe in nonmedical intervention which is not the best way to go. The proper way is to use conventional medicine and supplements and natural remedies. A kidney disease patient named Chuck believed that supplements and natural treatments worked for him. He began using a low protein diet and had the help of his family in preparing meals. Chuck was almost at end stage kidney disease and after starting everything his doctor told him that his kidney function had improved enough that he no longer needs dialysis.

There is no one size fits all treatment for every kidney disease patient. Anyone with kidney disease may want to discuss treatment options with a holistic practitioner. Watching the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) can show if the treatment is working to improve kidney function. If you don’t see improvement in your kidney function you should explore other natural remedies and treatments till you get the desired results.

Robert Galarowicz has many effective  natural remedies for kidney disease , so visit his youtube.com videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/betterkidneyhealth

How To Improve Kidney Function


Any kidney disease patient will want to know how to improve kidney function. There are many treatments that anyone can use to improve kidney function. Everyone should use the conventional treatments that their medical doctors recommend and follow special kidney diets.

In conjunction with this, you want to use other ways of how to improve kidney function like to use herbs and alternative medicine to reverse kidney damage. Each person needs to find natural remedies, like diet, to help their kidney disease. You don’t want to end up on dialysis because you will have many symptoms when your kidneys fail. When your kidneys begin to fail you will be extremely fatigued have nausea, edema, no appetite, headaches, depression and more.

Studies have been conducted on many different areas of how to improving kidney function with a special high-fat, higher carbohydrate diet and less protein. The researchers found that the diet, called the LPD(low protein diet), works well to improve kidney function and reverse kidney damage in patients with diabetes, high blood pressure induced kidney disease, autoimmune kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease and any other type of kidney disease . Diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension can cause kidney problems. The diet reverses the effect of diabetes and hypertension on the kidneys. The diabetes and high blood pressure patient with kidney disease does not need to follow this special diet for a long period of time in order to receive its benefits. Often time’s short periods have yielded excellent results.

Supplements are very important for anyone with kidney disease. Often time’s people get confused with what supplements are and what they do for kidney disease. Supplements for kidney disease are very important if you truly want to avoid dialysis and heal them back to health.

For example the supplement called CoQ10 which reverses free radical cell damage in the kidneys is something everyone with kidney disease should take. You can find it at any health food store in your local area. If you can’t find it in your local community you can order it online from many different retailers. The dose that a kidney disease patient should take is 200mg twice per day. This will allow for maximum benefit and healing. There are many more ways to improve kidney function. Free Video of how to improve kidney function is available at http://www.healkidneydisease.com


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